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Advancement Ink's # 1 Goal is to increase resources for your organization!!

To achieve our goal, we produce written materials that succinctly describe the organization’s goals, programs, and related financial needs.   We also conduct studies to analyze resource distributions to identify opportunities for reinvestment within the current resource base.  As a complementary service, we can conduct in-house workshops to teach resource acquisition skills to your staff.

Our primary services are conducting research that matches client program needs with prospective funding opportunities and preparing funding requests to the Federal government and private foundations. We provide our services in three distinct phases. Clients can contract for one or all of these phases.  

Phase I: Identification of funding opportunities. We research foundation and government grant databases to match your program needs with known funding opportunities.

Phase II: Preparation of letters of inquiry, funding proposals, and grant applications, both unsolicited and in response to known opportunities

Phase III: Follow-up reports to foundation and government agencies.

Our "competitive edge" in preparing grant applications is our interactive budget model. The model is a 'plug and chug' application that allows clients to construct different scenarios to maximize resources. The final budget scenario is produced in the format required by Federal agencies and Foundations.

We also work with clients to prepare Short Form cost studies for negotiating Indirect Cost Rates.

Contact us:
Bethany Piersol
Email: Bethany@AdvancementInk.com
Phone: (706) 296-7520
Katherine Johnston
Phone: (540) 552-2884
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