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Calculating Fees

Our fees are based on time spent and expenses incurred to produce your project. As the first step for all projects, we develop a detailed cost estimate for you. Work proceeds after we agree to terms and costs. We do not work on commission, contingency, or for a percentage of the project value.

Writing grant applications and budget proposals

Fees for writing grants or preparing budget proposals are billed by the hour. Most work is done via the Internet. In person visits are recommended for large projects. In these cases, travel expenses are added to the project cost.

We also contract for on-going relationships. For a flat negotiated fee, we can be retained to provide grant writing services on an as needed basis.

Cost Studies

The price for a cost study depends on the size of the organization and the complexity of the study requested.

Contact us:
Bethany Piersol
Email: Bethany@AdvancementInk.com
Phone: (706) 296-7520
Katherine Johnston
Email: Katherine@AdvancementInk.com
Phone: (540) 552-2884
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